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Originally Posted by musouka View Post
The anime says she does all these things, but we get no indication of it. There's never any hint of scheduling conflict and the long hours needed to be a top student, model, successful athlete in addition to having a hobby that takes up a long period of time. But more than time--I'm sure there's someone in the world that's done all those things at once--it's about how these so-called disparate aspects of Kirino's character are just window-dressing shortcuts instead of actual attributes.

This is what I mean by a lack of awareness with Kirino.

For one, Kirino's brand of physical attractiveness allows itself certain liberties that a less attractive girl would be unable to partake in. One of these things is having a hobby that would be considered otherwise unsavory. The imoutocon thing is taking things a bit far, but liking cute anime in general is not the deathtoll the anime wants you to believe it is for someone of Kirino's popularity level.

Secondly, there is no crossover whatsoever in her life. She's a successful model that's appeared on many well known magazines, but this is kept completely separate from her debut as a teenage novelist? It seems much more realistic to me that the people around Kirino would channel that popularity into other aspects of her life. A successful model has an easier time getting a book contract than a complete unknown, for example.

Instead of modeling having a realistic impact on her life and time, it's used as a way to bolster Kirino's worth in the eyes of the viewer. And it's like that for everything about her. The anime wants us to believe that she "works hard" in every aspect of her life individually, when it makes more sense from what we've shown that her life is a mixture of passion and luck.
False because her popularity with the novel is completely separate, she's an "unknown" author. The novels success is completely irrelevant to her modeling. Rewatch the episode when it was mentioned that people are wondering who this unknown middle school author is.
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