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Originally Posted by Von Himmel View Post
I'd like it to be Megumi but my guess would be Miho...

And yep, her romance is now more interesting than yuruyuri itself At least we're now getting one official pairings

..btw, have you seen the covers for Yurihime that Namori illustrated? The short-haired girl really reminds me of Nadeshiko...though she's not the same person Which is good because those covers are all about NTR w
Yeah, I have seen the covers and I can't believe how popular the short-haired girl is I think she reminded a lot of people of Nadeshiko, which is why the editor of Yuri Hime tried to calm everyone down on twitter xD (however, am I the only one who thinks that Nadeshiko, short-haired girl and Yui are a bit alike?)

For those who haven't seen the covers, here are two images I found that explain everything:

Anyway, I'm always shipping best friends with each other, and it's no different this time.
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