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Originally Posted by sayde View Post
Call me dense, but just who is that again?
You're not denseAt least not always...JOKING JOKING. I couldn't resist that I have never said who it was

Oi? Where did you get that avatar? Did you make it?

Originally Posted by Alchemist007 View Post
Ah, but then my suspected series ending is to be your dropping point? That's what I call tactical trolling. Keep'm till the end, good on ya KT!
I honestly believe that even if he intended on an IchiHime ending. (something I strongly doubt in the first place) he cannot now, because fans dropped Bleach like hotcakes as soon as Rukia was gone and Ichigo and Orihime had actual conversations. Sales would drop because IchiRuki ship is a cash cow.

Originally Posted by Alchemist007 View Post
I almost find that hard to believe.
Why is that? Believe it or not, I don't have an emotional investment in the winner.

You have no idea why I ship IchiRuki...

Originally Posted by Alchemist007 View Post
I think if it does happen it will be as instantaneously as in Dragon Ball, it comes down to Kubo's inner Toriyama.
If that happens I mail him a tub of my dog's poop. If it's geniune than I wouldn't have a problem with it. I doubt it will be like that, because Kubo is great at developing character relationships. IchiHime is a lot like KaiRuki... Truly.

Kaien was devoted to Rukia, he would even die for her. She was in his heart but she did not have his heart. His heart belonged to his wife. Just like Orihime is in Ichigo's heart, and he would die for her but she doesn't have his heart. Rukia has his heart. Just like Rukia confirmed that Kaien loved another woman, Orihime has also done the same, by validating Ichigo's feelings for Rukia. So it's a "no-brainer" that Bleach will end with IchiRuki--at least it is in my opinion. So I doubt Kubo will let his " inner Toriyama." free and make Ichigo instantly in love with Orihime.

But I won't go into it anymore because I think shipping discussions are banned here. They are right?
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