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LOL Xellos.. for not recognising Caster Die in shame you tentacle lov3r =3

@ Hawq.. Cool Punisher sig ... I love how the BG is done.. If I have to complained.. the smudging job at the bottom of the skull is a bit uneven .. still 91%

@ AB ... if Hawq didnt mentioned about reading .. I was sure it was just a decoration >.< ... Now, Care to share the source? ... The BG is simple to not detract from the main image ... your name's font style compliment the border.. Nice job... 90%

First time I get points above maximum... I'm over the moon ^-^ ... Cant rep you tho coz I need to spread it around first =x . Riding Rider club welcome you for our Unlimited Riding eXperience

EDIT: Oh nevermind.. a bit of trolling in imageboard made me stumble upon the source ^-^
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