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@ Aahsin ... ugrh .. fake transparency . Biased rating 40%. I prefer your angelic sig more >.<

@ Sakura-chan ... Love the BG.. and despite the text is small and hardly readable ... it compliment the BG well .. No comment on the guy, maybe a good choice of main image.. quite matching style .. 87%

@ Komataguri ... Bald man FTW very simple manga sig ... nice border ... While the sig is kinda look empty... but match his baldness ^-^ Im sure OhNo would him ... 82%

@ KiNa ... my current sig have 2 variations ... I dont think the other one would be .. appropriate.. to be used here . Anyway, the Rider on the left is the only matching image that fit the quote ... I'll see if I can edit the other variation to be use here later .. Its basically the same except for the left image.. and both being animated .. Its also huge in filesize as well, so I need to trim out the animation >.<
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