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Originally Posted by Matrim
That's not true, Ooishi describes Rika's death in detail. Apparently she was killed in pretty much the same way as in Tatarigoroshi-hen.

You sure about that or this is a conjecture? We don't see what happens with Keiichi apart from witnessing him being attacked by an angry psycho twin, most likely in his imagination.

The explanation you are putting forward does seem the most obvious...and that's exactly why I don't buy it. Looking at the deaths alone, we might try with other guesses - let's say Onibaba staying alive - gas disaster (assuming it happens in Onikakushi). Or Shion dying - no disaster.
Ah.., you got me on the part where Oishi describes Rika's death with detail.., I guess I overlooked that on episode 15.., however I was positive that her type of death had been similar to what happened in Tatarigoroshi-hen.., since it would make the most sence if I base my previous speculation on it

On the Keiichi status at Meakashi-hen / Watanagashi-hen.., I always speculated that due to his paranoia and on how he became so mentaly unstable by the end of the events.., that that image of Shion was all in his head.., and due to the shock of it.., ended up causing his death.

However like theacefrehley and BakaOnna previously mencioned.., the latest TIP's posted come to comprove this, in which in fact.., ended up beeing as what I posted.

Well, obvious or not.., I was only able to come to the conclusion / possible conclusion that on how Rika dies influences the disaster or not.., after going through and reviewing all the death lists , and note that some are not mencioned on the TIP's.., as what most happened on Onikakushi-hen; hence so many status beeing left "unknown" aswell.

However currently its the only explination I find for something that influences the disaster or not; Onibaba's status seems irrelevant to me.., aswell as some of the other characters (such as doctor Irei aswell for example) on this aspect.

It seems to me and as we saw through the notes of Shion.., that Onibaba did control somewhat part of what happened regarding the curse.., but all and all on more "un-natural aspects" her involvement I belive was none whatsoever.
Hence it wouldn't make sence to place her status.., since again.. on this.. she is irrelevent.

Or should I say.., not as relevant as all the characters I chose to post the status

I still cannot give full support to my speculations.., for alot of the misteries on Onikakushi-hen are still left on the open.
Hence.., I hope that maybe once Tsumihoroboshi-hen progresses we can see if the way on how Rika dies has any influence on the disaster happening or not

Oh.. and Shion seems to die in every arc except one; so far only on Onikakushi-hen we cannot tell.., since her status is "unknown", and I do emphazise "unknown" here
Anyway.., its pretty safe to say that she is not the one who causes any influence to the disaster.

Edit :

Oki, I went back to episode 15 and reviewed the details on Rika's death in Himatsubushi-hen.

So.., based on what we know from the TIP's and from what we saw on the Episodes ; here is the now Full death status list on all the Arcs currently to this point so far :

Spoiler for length:

As we can now see, Rika's type of Death on Himatsubushi-hen is supposedly equal to that of on Tatarigoroshi-hen.
So far.., the only 2 arcs we know of where the Gas Disaster did occur.

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