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I was rewatching Meakashi-hen the other day, and I just realized I probably feel the worst for Shion. I can definitely understand why she went on her murdering rampage, and even how she had her mental unstable-ness beforehand. (

I mean, first of all, she was supposed to be killed at birth. For whatever reason she wasn't, but she still had to pretend she had no relation with the Sonozaki family or Hinamizawa. She basically didn't have anyone at all, except for her bodyguard (it didn't seem like she exactly missed anyone at boarding school)

Then she falls in love with a guy who didn't even know she existed until their last meeting. She finally has SOMEONE that could make her happy, but he kinda dies/mysteriously disappears.

Also, was it me, or did Shion have like no friends, except for Mion? Whenever she pretended to lock herself up in the prison cage, it was like nobody cared (except for Keichii, but that's because he still thought she was there)

It's like nobody even wanted a Shion to exist, which just makes that
line even better.

EDIT:: Ok, now that I've actually watched the episode...


i did really like this episode, it's just that the last scene was too quick, especially for a character this show was centered around for 6 episodes.

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