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Originally Posted by Wanderer
C) Resets. Some people (or gods) have memory of the previous arcs. It may also be possible for normal people to remember as well (for example, Keiichi's memories at the end of Tatarigoroshi-hen of events we saw in Onikakushi-hen)
That option really does sound very likely. Has anyone else thought maybe this anime is following the "Donnie Darko" story line?Where the main character was the living receiver that needed to save the world by going throughout the events leading up to a disaster. And he had to go throughout the scenario's and see how he could stop it and what would happen to people *It really reminds me of Higurashi after the current arcs/tips* I sort of think Rika is the one that retains memories since she knew how and when she would die. And that her goal is to find whats the common link between what causes the disaster possibly?
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