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Originally Posted by Sushi-Y


Spoiler for In the episode:

Although this is comin from a non-gamer, i thought this episode was EXCELLENT. I wasn't really annoyed that they re-used some footage of the previous arcs, as without it the story wouldn't have flowed as easily as it did. The Satoko scenes, and the final twists at the end were VERY well done, imo.
Yes, we were treated to the usual "10,000 faces of Mion/Shion" - in fact

Spoiler for For Mion's "gomena sai" (that's how you spell it right?):

To be honest, i don't see why so many people are complaining about this episode. If it bugs you that so much was left out (although, i'll concur that the doll scene and Mion/Shion thing were pretty important), why don't you just watch the anime as the anime and not compare it to the game?
Oh well - Big thank you to the WinD FS group for the episode, as usual.
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