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Originally Posted by Dragnfly@Gamefaqs View Post
... 76 pages for ~$26cdn+shipping... ugh. I hope somebody here buys it and tells us if it's good or not. By the previews it looks like one of the various art collections, which I'm not even sure are cool because they just collect the o-art and fanart we already have in another thread
Basically, yeah. I can't really see anything new in here, it's just a collection of various posters, the DVD covers without text on them and the like, often with plenty of white space on either side too because the images weren't the right size. Can't really say it's worth buying unless that's all you want. Glad I forgot about it until now, really. As for the standees, I'd rather have the Alter Fate I still have on preorder.

Speaking of which, looks like they've stopped taking preorders for that, so I hope those who wanted one got their order in in time.
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