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To be honest, i skipped a lot of that text above, so, i'm not sure if you got this one already...
This is a game with unbeliviable graphics and nice gameplay, it even runs smoothly.
The best thing in the game is that you can do all jobs on one character and combine them, as in using part of the job skills as "subs" on your main job... I hope you try it.

It's called DOMO and you can find it just by googling the word, it stands out for Dream Of Mirror Online.

Another game would be Fiesta, i played that a while too...
Anyway, i'm giving you just the names i bet you can find more info on the homepages of the games.

Then, there's a private server running Ragnarok 2, the open beta.
The server is, like I said, private, european... And, it's like the beta version of open beta, so it's really open. You should check it out just for the graphics. Try Euphro2 in your google.

And one more thing, if you're interested in DOMO, you should check out the proper game version for your continent, like if youre from europe there's a different game version from different publisher, cause Aeria Games is a US product and banned many countries that have their own versions from their servers.

I like anime-style games myself, just for the graphics, they are usually so much better than the usual MMO style... So, if anyone came up with any anime-3d mmo, just list it here so we can all enjoy it.
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