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Originally Posted by Asamidori View Post
- I don't remember ever dodging any attack in Mabi. It's either counter, defend (block), or take the damage. Then again, I always fight stuffs labeled "strong" or above, so maybe that's why.

- If you're continously clicking the attack button (be it the mouse button or the shortcut keys), you're doing it wrong.

- MP does not control if you can block or not. It controls rather you can cast magic or not.

- You don't use up SP for going into Defend state (blocking). Your SP only drains when you're in Counter state. (And it'll be something amazing if you don't at least carry one stack of SP potions with you at all times, seeing how they drop like sands from all over the place.)

Oh, also, on that battle system you're talking about, I'll be the first to not play it. Camera changing between 3rd person and 1st person is NOT something everyone likes. I'd like my camera to stay 3rd person kthx.
You forgot using Windmill
Or getting Icebolt charged so you could hit the enemy so then you could counter...

Again. Mabinogi has the closest thing to a real-time battle system. The only reason it needs 'charge ups' to defend and 'cooldowns' is because without them battles would just be this:

Counter, counter, counter, counter, etc. etc.

And taking the hit is never an option. Endgame enemies will usually kill you in a single hit.

And yes. If you hammer the attack button you're doin' it wrong. Plus you CAN combo. But it only works ify ou deal enough damage to flinch the enemy. All you do is (i.e. using a Bastard Sword a 2hit weapon) is hit them ONCE. Wait until you stop spinning the sword then 2 hit them. Bam. You just got 3 hits in with a 2 hit weapon.

Same with a 3 hit only hit them twice then wait; then hit 3 times. 5 hits with a 3 hit weapon. And when dual wielding comes out? You can get in like... 10 hits?
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