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Originally Posted by Kagedanji View Post
You seemed to have left out something in your post explaining embedding?

Also, MapleStory really can't be compared to anything. All I know right now is that Rusty Hearts isn't a click-based game, which sparked my interest, and you can deal some badass flashy combos.

An MMORPG with action has finally arrived. Apparently, when you do quests, it becomes the hack and slash-styled gameplay you saw. When you're not doing quests, it's normal. Just a theory.

The thing that sucks is that they're still developing and only planning betas and the release for Korea. I wish MMOs could do worldwide releases.
But hack and slash becomes repetitive. And I bet the quests will be the same quests you see everywhere... "Kill X of Y monster" :P

And what are you talking about? Every MMORPG I play has action. Maybe just none that seems to suit you... I mean point and click action isn't very fun but I find Mabinogi to be very action-paced. Slip up for a second and you'll die.
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