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man, I just wrote A NOVEL on how much I like this series, why, my opinions on the anime, questions I have, and it got erased!!!!!! AAAHHHHH! so this will have to be shorter. (sob...)

Skip-beat is the first manga i ever read, and it is currently my favorite! I absolutely love the drawing style, except for how sometimes, things are misproportioned... The series seems to drag on a little bit, but there is a lot of detail, the storyine and characters feel well developed. It's just really hard to wait for the next volume, so sometimes i want more to happen per chapter! I just found out about the anime release reading over this thread, and it's so exciting for me! I'm probably not going to watch it until I finish the manga, just to insure that I have the best reading experience possible! its gonna be hard to restrain myself though... They better get a good voice actor for Kyoko, that's true, her voice will be hard to do, since she is so extreme sometimes. Or else somebody is getting hate mail! (not nakamura of course) This is really a different Shojo, ive never seen anything like it. Nakamura must have a strange imagination... Does any readers of Skip-Beat here like Onegai Teacher? I'm not trying to be off track, but I have a theory...
Skip Beat doesn't have the usual perfect, overly nice guy that exists in so many romantic manga/anime. They all have their problems, which makes them feel more real. Having realistic characters is really something important for an enjoyable manga/anime. In my opinion... I'm not all that experienced... I love the personality and situation of the main character, and Lory always made me laugh. Tsuruga is a great character too, he really creates most of the emotional depth of the story. It is so intense sometimes, even though there's no violence. I love Skip-Beat to pieces!!!

wow, looking at that sort-of paragraph, it is really disconnected. Sorry, I was trying to summarize what i wrote before (four times the above length), while rushing because my mom is forcing me away from the computer, so It doesn't really make any sense... But skip-beat is a great manga, and I would recommend it to any Shojo luvers!!!
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