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Originally Posted by Dann of Thursday View Post
You don't know that.

Maybe so, but this is fiction.

How so?
Yes I do and so do many others if human beings gave up at ever adversity they faced because of a chance of being dissappointed how would we advance our society. If george Washington or any other revolutionary gave up because there was a chance of failure in they're revolution how would the world be today. If we all did what you say human would be nothing because we'd never be taking risks to improve ourselves because of the threat of failure and because of thta we'd likely never do anything or make anything new.

Things like this rebellion have happened in reality though and if people acted like what you said during those moments then the world would probably be a much worse place.

If you always give up then you have no chance to win. To truly get ahead in your life you have to believe in yourself and take risks and try to improve yourself and your life.

One of the main themes of Geass is to stuggle against adversity and to fight for what you believe yet you somehow don't believe anyone should do that.I don't even know why you like this show since it apparently goes against what you believe in.
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