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I'm so late on this xD

But yeah, when I heard that the Skip Beat anime was announced, I took interest in the series again ( that and every other shoujo fanatic kept on bragging about the awesome-ness of the manga )

And after volume 4, I think I'm safe to say I'm a fan now.
I didn't hate it before but the first 3 books didn't click for me. It was interesting but the comedy got on my nerves. It was kinda dry and so much was happening X___x

But man, volume 4 was HILARIOUS. I truely laughed at the whole chicken suit scenario. And I finally like Ren. Before I just thought he was a hot stud with a bleak personality but it was really nice to see that side of him.

Of course Sho's a jerk lol.
I'm really liking this series now.
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