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Originally Posted by fallenangelash View Post
Patty does a Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei reference there too
Originally Posted by BigGimp77 View Post
I think there was a Fate/Stay Night reference in the dream one. One of the costumes was Rin Tohsaka... Anyone care to confirm?

Where was the Soul Eater reference. I missed that.
Nukerjsr has answered that

Originally Posted by Nukerjsr View Post
[...]It was during the Pet Shop scene when Kagami advised the Konata: "This cat isn't a witch or anything." Kagami's seiyuu also does the voice of Blair from Soul Eater, who isn't a witch. Just a really, powerful kitty[...]
and ehh, i was talking about references in that pet shop only.

Anyways, here are all of the references that I have noticed: (not limited to pet shop scene, which is still a wtf scene for me)

Code Geass
Fate/Stay Night
Farewell Mr. Zetsubou
Hanako of the Toilet (maybe)
Haruhi Suzumiya
Sgt. Keroro
Soul Eater
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