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I disagree with you all.
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Just getting started on the ep, but... Bad guys' faces, bad guys' laughs... How could it possibly end well?

Additional remarks:
- even if it had ended well, would Lawrence truly be happy setting up shop in that town? That's was my thought before the other shoe dropped at last. Seriously, aside from the waitress and maybe Rigolo and his friend, it just didn't seem like a nice place. Whether it's government or the potential partners, it just seems so unpleasant.
- the end was oddly comforting. Sure, it's too bad for Lawrence and Horo they got caught up in it. But at least they didn't get betrayed. Abe even went to warn them. And, mostly, I'm happy for the commoners. Sure, a lot of them are going to die. Order's already breaking down, so a lot of innocents are going to be killed, raped, and stolen from (not necessarily in that order). But hell, they'd been toyed with a bit too much. That bishop wanted to starve them for some obscure political advantage? I hope they gut that bastard.

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