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Well Lawrence's instinct was right on here. Things never go completely well for him and Horo. There is degree of bad but it's never a smooth trip. How fun would that be :P? At least this riot should get in the way of selling Horo. Unless those guys decide to force the agreement. But in this situation everyone will be running around in a panic. The tricky thing is getting to the inn and getting their cart. Save the horse!
Originally Posted by AKnightWhoSaysNi! View Post
That and his tail-touch. Somehow it didn't seem like that hurt her...

Oh and no actual selling of Horo, big plus there.
Agree that no selling of Horo is a good thing. Besides a lesson learned from Utawarerumono, you can't just go touching a girl's tail without some consequences. In this case a headbutt .

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So how many of you are sad that the next episode is the last for this season, and we'll have to wait another godamn year+ in agony for season 3?
Yeah it's just sad to think about the series being just about over. Why must there be the agony of no more Spice and Wolf to watch ? Oh well have to enjoy what is left of the show and then we can be depressed. Now that I think about it maybe the people are rioting for a different reason. They could also be upset about Spice and Wolf ending soon and are picking up arms to demand a third season . *Grabs pitchfork* In that case might be worth giving them a hand .

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