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Originally Posted by ID555 View Post

A Katahashi-sensei arc would be a dream come true! It's quite a stretch to imagine though, since Junichi is immature. Then again, she did slap his butt.
It seem like groping Junichi's butt is turning into a fad. LOL

Yeah teacher-love is definitely a dream come true. Next season will be named Amagami FL. FL = Forbidden Love

1st Arc - Junichi X Miya
2nd Arc - Junichi X Takahashi-sensei
3rd Arc - Rihoko and friends
4th Arc - Kaoru X Keiko
5th Arc - Tsukasa X Takahashi-sensei
6th Arc - Miya X Sae X Ai X Hibiki X Haruka!!!

Bonus Mini Arc - Umehara X Tuna LOL
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