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As adorable as the manga's story was, I didn't think he that amazing. Protecting Ai from the dog was impressive, but it seemed like Ai's love revolved around that single heroic act. He was still a pervert in the manga, but the worst he did was imagine Ai undressing in ch1 and look up under Miya's wrapped towel in ch4. I could argue that Junichi looking at Miya that way is worse than anything he did in the anime, but it's a matter of preference. He was more passive in the manga, while he was more open in the anime.
Well, he's a lot more impressive than the Junichi we're stuck with in the anime. At least the one in LGO had limits to his perversion and stupidity. In the anime he's, like you said, a lot more open with it. Nearly every teenage boy is going to be perverted to some extent, but it all depends on how you handle those urges. In the manga, he did a good job of it. In the anime, though, he stupidly acts on nearly every impulse the guy gets. I think that's quite a distinction.
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