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Originally Posted by Shadow5YA View Post
The only time Junichi "controlled" himself in the anime or the manga was when Ai lifted her skirt to reveal her swimsuit. Junichi's passionate speech about Ai's swimmer breasts was in the manga too, so I don't see how that's an extra -1 for anime Junichi. Otherwise, Junichi has taken every opportunity to peek in both the anime and the manga.

Junichi saying what he did in front of the swimming team isn't enough to put him above or below his manga self either. There would be a valid complaint if Junichi intentionally peeked on the entire team and spoke about the entire team, but there is evidence to suggest otherwise.

First, Junichi didn't begin his speech until he saw Ai. He looked in Ai's direction. Junichi was trying to apologize to Ai, and Hibiki caught onto that too.
There's also the uncertainty behind Junichi "peeking" at the swim team. Even if the team blamed him for peeking, whether that was Junichi's true motive is still uncertain. The swim team would have accused him for peeking regardless of his true intentions, because he's a guy not on the team that's visiting a girls-only swimming practice. Junichi could have wanted to apologize to Ai from the very beginning.
That wasn't what I was reffering to. I was talking about anime Junichi's dumbass rant when he saw Sae's tits. Plus, there's still two more episodes left, so he'll likely pull more retarded moves like this. But as it stands currently, the anime form is worse IMO. I admit that I was exagerating a bit when I said manga Jun's a lot better, but I still prefer the manga version.

I actually liked the anime Junichi in Ai's arc up until that point. I thought he did a lot of things right. But all it took was one look at Sae's tits to send him off the deep end.

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