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Originally Posted by Lost
Lol.. its interesting the comparision this is getting with Mushishi; I myself can't help thinking of Mushishi when I see Bartender.

Dangerous tho, it may leave us disillusioned with Bartender; like it did with Kino no Tabi for me.
Ah, the old Mushishi-Kino no Tabi comparison. I saw Kino no Tabi before I saw Mushishi and, even though I'd say Mushish is the better anime, KnT is very, very close to it in my eyes. Both have different strengths and weaknesses though, but they are very interesting anime to compare. I do agree with what you're saying. If we begin to expect Mushishi from Bartender, we're almost certain to be disappointed. Curbing our expectations is the best tactic (as it always is for any new anime), particularly considering that an anime of Mushishi's calibre only comes along maybe once or twice a year.
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