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Originally Posted by Sorrow-K
If we begin to expect Mushishi from Bartender, we're almost certain to be disappointed.
I second that. From what I can see (from the manga), Bartender rather reminds me of Aria. Don't ask me why... And it features a (regular) bishoujo - yay!

Well, personally I think there are huge differences between Mushishi and Kino no Tabi - except for the fact that both are travelers. Mushishi never questions, say, "systems", Kino does the whole time. Mushishi is, imho, more about interaction between people themselves, Kino is more about the environment in which people live (you might notice that the villages that Ginko visits are basically all the same - they only vary by different characters and mushis). Ginko tries to interact and help all the time - in fact, his proposal of traveling is to help people to get along with mushis, Kino tries to stay out of everything and be neutral. Imho, Ginko is a caring and warm-hearted person who only appears cool on the outside while Kino is seriously emotionally indifferent towards things (except for episode 13) and only acts out of morality and politeness. I even think that the atmosphere of these anime are rather different (Ginko doesn't talk much to himself and you don't have any cheesy monologue/dialogues).

Oh by the way, I prefer Kino no Tabi over Mushishi *hrr* I'm more interested in "systems" than human interaction or mystery after all.
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