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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
I don't care as much about the popularity of a show with children for a couple of reasons: First, children tend to move very quickly from one "in" thing to another, so short-term popularity doesn't necessarily mean a whole lot aside from immediate sales. Second, it's hard to tell how popular a work is based on secondary sales. For example, look at a franchise like Hello Kitty; it's a perennial favorite in terms of merchandising, but it's animated versions have enjoyed nowhere near the same kind of lasting popularity.

In this situation, the best way to gauge the popularity of a show to children is to look at the TV ratings within that demographic. After all, that's likely how they're going to be exposed to the show.
That's where you misunderstand.
I'm not saying that there IS an alternative way to measure popularity of children's show effectively.
I'm saying, that DVD sales have very little to do with it, and isn't effective at all in getting any idea of its popularity.

TV ratings is a more effective way of measuring its popularity, but again, this thread is not about ratings. It's about DVD sales. And that's why I said, this isn't a very optimal place to compare popularity of Gundam.

Which comes to my point.
When you have franchise targeted towards customer base that doesn't buy DVDs, and the franchise income doesn't depend on DVD sales, such as Gundam, you can't measure its success with DVD sales, compared to other anime that does.

Also, you personally might "not care" about children's popularity on anime.
But the fact is, they make up the majority of marketing consumption, and cannot be neglected as a factor.
You think otakus spend more money than kids? Think again.
Each otaku may spend heck of a lot of money than a child, but the sheer number of kids that makes up the market is incomparably large.
That's like comparing Trekkie's devotion to Star Trek franchise to the entire Disney kids market. It's simply not negligible.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Anyway, I realize I'm sort of stepping in the middle here, but I wonder if this can help funnel the conversation? If not, please feel free to ignore my rambling.

Oh, on the contrary, I think you're right on the money.
Trying to compare multiple levels of diffrent target audience by simply "DVD sales" is simply not viable.
You wrapped it up better than either of us have.

Edit: Interesting thing about NANA is, it not only had effects on sales of itself, but in fashion and habits.
Cigarette smoked by Nana increased in sales, and the type of fashion characters wear had increased as well, since that's where girls put much of their money in.

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