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You also have to consider, that DVD sales are NOT a good measurement of how popular series is, when it comes to franchise level of Gundam, Dragon Ball, One Piece, PuriCure, Sailor Moon, DigiMon... you get the idea.

These large marketing franchise gets most of its income from sales OTHER than DVDs, so when you want to talk about Gundam and its popularity, thread about DVD sales really isn't a very good one.
Yes, generally, I am aware of that. Not as in-depth as some people, namely yourself, eggplant, and such, since I don't really go and seek out these kind of details, but I am generally aware that DVD sales alone are not an indicator, since despite being bigger than what Code Geass/Lucky Star/etc will ever be, Conan, One Piece, Pretty Cure and such, for all their ratings success and wide-spread popularity, do not sell individually anywhere near the individual DVD sales of Code Geass and such.

Anyway, I was just citing SEED/GSD's level of success in only DVD sales alone in particular compared to other titles that sold well in a similar timeframe. The previous argument I was going for was the misconception that C.E's proven success in DVD sales ALONE, disregarding it's other franchise points, only came about from it's Gundam brand name, and nothing else, due to the generalism that every Tom, Dick and Harry hates CE. Well, maybe so, but the Mary and Janes may like them.

Gundam as a whole is a franchise of course occupies a much much larger market from novels, models, and such to different target audiences, but I'm not going there.
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