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Originally Posted by risingstar3110 View Post
Because they expect a higher selling when they do it?

Less risk than picking up something new. Less paying for the original source. As long as there is demand, they can work out for it to be profit
If it's that simple than surely you can name a heap of examples of where studios either continued another series or redid it and sold more (because in this case it has to be more!), I'll name one, I'm sure you can find another half a dozen easily

I'll start, Kanon.

And to save you some time...

Hayate with SP Synergy did 9k, down to 6k with J.C staff.
Spice and Wolf s1 with IMAGIN did 8.7k, Season 2 with Brains Base did 5k.
Rurouni Kenshin, successful show with Studio Gallop, DEEN took over and it died.

Now what makes you think a 3k series is going to buck that trend, and the one exception was a remake on a completely different level to the original one.

To sum up no it's not a smart move and a tweet from the a staff member said they were lucky to get to do the OVA.
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