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Originally Posted by Langus View Post

That chapter was like reading disconnected plot concepts from a kid with ADHD. It jumped all over the place with no cohesion at all. None of those back stories were even fleshed out enough to make them worthwhile. I can't believe an editor approved that mess.
at least we got more content in one chapter. i was surprised by the amount of time i spent reading it, it usually takes me a lot less time to read a bleach chapter because of the seemingly lack of content.

the lack of cohesion wasn't the real problem for me though, it was the fact that these back stories came a tad too late. their stories should have been introduced before the fights happened, that way i would have felt at least an ounce of sympathy for them before they were beaten. right now i could care less about them. my interest has already gone to the byakuya and tsukishima fight.
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