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Enough people have already stated what was primarily on my mind regarding the chapter. So I'm gonna try not to beat that dead horse much further. About the only thing I will say regarding the issue is that I could've done without the backstories period. I hate it when Kubo devotes time into fleshing out characters who ultimately end up dead--especially when he does so immediately before they die. But now he's trying to develop them after they die!? I didn't care much about them then, and I certainly don't care about them now that they're gone. But who knows? Maybe...just maybe, the fullbringers who lost will actually come back somehow. So maybe that's why Kubo decided to shed some light onto their pasts now of all times.
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Spoiler for Worse cliffhanger ever! (Spoilers):
Well we all know it's not like she's in any real danger of getting killed. So that pretty much takes all the suspense out of it right there IMO. lol
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