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the problem is zessica is really underdog of underdog. so amata wants to live in present and think of future, great i am all for it but he still might have chosen a girl with past issues. so while this whole jump over fate have mikono who is silvie reincarnated choose a new lover instead of the past one is all good and all but is that really changing destiny?

wouldn't changing destiny be more in lie of creating a new one with a new apollonius-celiane than have a new lead pair up with a past character? i don't know, i can't see mikono just say screw you kagura/apollo i got a new lover, bye. the most easiest solution ofcourse would be amata and kagura are one person which leads to mikono winning again. poor zess :c

I cannot stand the idea of Amata and Mikono being all lovey dovey while Zessica suffers in the background. So I hope the AmataxMikono thing is at least going to collapse. I'm bitter like that.

I could have been at least neutral to it if they didn't make Zessica feel miserable about it, while she apparently doesn't stand a snowball chance in hell.

At least give her a little bit of a chance. It's like sadist writters are making her suffer just for the lulz while it serves no plot point at all (at least so far). I'd rather have her not involved into that romantic mess at all.

But at least now Amata can feel a little bit of the jelly Zessica is suffering from because of him. I'm still damn butthurt and frustrated.

And I don't really like the idea of Sylvie/appollon getting with anyone else knowing the promise.
As a fan of Greek tragedies and myths I like when the fools trying to go against destiny get bitchslapped by it harshly (I'm opposing a major theme of this anime here. But I don't care.XD)

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