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Originally Posted by Zuul View Post
I cannot stand the idea of Amata and Mikono being all lovey dovey while Zessica suffers in the background. So I hope the AmataxMikono thing is at least going to collapse. I'm bitter like that.

I could have been at least neutral to it if they didn't make Zessica feel miserable about it, while she apparently doesn't stand a snowball chance in hell.

At least give her a little bit of a chance. It's like sadist writters are making her suffer just for the lulz while it serves no plot point at all (at least so far). I'd rather have her not involved into that romantic mess at all.

But at least now Amata can feel a little bit of the jelly Zessica is suffering from because of him. I'm still damn butthurt and frustrated.
Speaking from a Mikono x Amata supporter's perspective, I think this would just make me laugh harder. Honestly, I think people are so used to seeing Kaji being "NTR'ed" that they are would actually want to see this regardless wwwwwwww.
Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Welp... The way I see it, if Amata can be forgiven for being physically attracted to Zessica despite not having any romantic feelings for her, I don't see why we can't let it slide for the same thing with Mikono whenever she's placed beside this 'magnificent' specimen of a 'man'.
As if you don't know the answer already! Double standard between genders! Mikono didn't even do anything this episode. She was completely passive except in the end, and even then her behavior's quite unsurprising because she's just too nice and a total idiot.

This episode in general is just way too funny.

Kagura's just soooo charming, too bad for him I think he has even less a chance with Mikono now. With Mikono denying to be Sylvie and her happy seeing Amata in the end, Kagura got friendzoned pretty hard. Zessica continues to suffer, but for some reason I stop feeling sorry for her and find it funny because the staff's just trying way too hard to push this. Amataaaaaa wwwwwwwww. I don't even know what to say anymore, even during your power up episode you still get "NTR'ed" and sucker punched. What I really want to see more at this point is Fudo and Mykage interacting, since those two have the best chemistry with each other.

The highlight of the episode for me is in the beginning when Fudo just teleported away with loli in his arms. I literally died laughing there. On the other hand, I WANT MY OLD ED BACK. OGURA YUI CAN'T SING AT ALL. The new ED is absolutely terrible, so terrible that I have to say it twice. At first I thought it's just character song and argggggghhhhhhhhhhhh all my why when I saw the credits roll on. New OP better make up for it because I'm skipping this one from now on.

Next episode seems like a winner though.

EDIT: Oh god, I forgot the most important thing. KAGURA IS A TOTAL PERVERT. MFW Mikono asked him to "kill" her right there and he started blushing. I literally went from to .
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