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Originally Posted by Kunagisa View Post
Speaking from a Mikono x Amata supporter's perspective, I think this would just make me laugh harder. Honestly, I think people are so used to seeing Kaji being "NTR'ed" that they are would actually want to see this regardless wwwwwwww.
So this actor is especially typecasted to voice characters with unfaithful GF.


As if you don't know the answer already! Double standard between genders! Mikono didn't even do anything this episode. She was completely passive except in the end, and even then her behavior's quite unsurprising because she's just too nice and a total idiot.
I see it as well. It's quite annoying.

According to some people Mikono is a whore for sparing Kagura one though or 2 (in a pitying non sexual way) but Amata is just a normal healthy boy when he got boners over other girls.

Double standards indeed.

And I agree the new ED is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. Horrible painful voice.

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