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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
I suppose people will feel the same watching you like they did Amata if you were to appear on media.

Media is scary. People only care about how to entertain themselves while not caring about morality or how the characters would feel.

What do you think when you saw an article about a wife who cheats on her husband because he was always working and doesn't spend enough time with her (when she doesn't even work)? Or the wife who divorces her own husband after he lost his job (since now he's useless and he was all ver her to be passive along those married years)? It probably amuses you.
Real life problems affects me.
I'm a boring person why they should even watch me.
We are talking about fiction and in fiction I want something different.
By the way I have no favorite character or pair in this show and I like Mykage and even Izumo, maybe I would ship Kagura and Shushu they are cute together.
Kagura has no bad intentions and he is so dumb that I can't start even hate or take him seriously or even think that he is an enemy.

By the way what do you think of Shrade? He used his music to kill people during his concerts. According to you he should die or live or something else?

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