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Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
Asuna could be raped by Sugou in her hospital room at the any moment. It would make sense, but would that make for a good story?

Not in the kind of story that SAO is, as it is neither that dark nor would it have made sense in the story, but in others? yes it can be.

Would the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo have been a good story if you take all the rape/abuse stuff out of it? No, as you'd gut the entire premise of the story.

Ironically, by your standard, Lisbeth Salander would be categorized as a damsel-in-distress too, and she's about the farthest thing from one.

Originally Posted by Kazu-kun View Post
And I'm not implying Asuna's gonna be raped, btw. All I'm saying is making sense =! good. Shitty tropes are shitty tropes.

Now if you like it, good for you.
Objectively speaking, making sense doesn't always means it's good, but the use of any trope/cliche also doesn't always mean it's bad.

Subjectively, anything goes.
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