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Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
I suppose I'm more conservative in that regard. I don't think things should deviate from the original novel unless they are explicitly related to the main departure theme of the work in question (I.E. the Genderbent).

I just have a hard time seeing how some characters using swords is related to the Gender switch...

I just looked at the doujinshi, and the sword in question looks way to long to be a Wakizashi

The blade itself looks way over a foot, and once you get something that size, being able to hide it in a manner that would still allow you to whip it out very quickly seems impossible.

Although it could be written that he only uses a 12 inch Wakizashi, a knife like that isn't exactly very concealable compared to the a 6 inch combat knife.

if i'm not mistaken, asakura ryoko materializes the knife...
so why can't ryou-kun materialize the wakizashi as well?
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