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I felt a bit flat after watching this. I think it was sort of a fitting ending, to a series that will see a second season, but what i dont understand is how one guy who left the govenment would have so much cash on him so as to create a system when 10 people can have anything they want, from killing people to demanding clothes from strangers from the other side of the world, to creating illusions that looked so damn real they could not possibly be fake, at all. Oh, and I forget to mention that said bloke also has 10 granddaughters that look and speak exactly the same.

For an anime that is supposedly set in a world similar to this one (as in, no magic, spaceships, future technology, cat girls or fairy's), it isn't half a load of bollox.

In a nutshell, not everyone would do things for money, and a taxi driver would not have that amount of cash in the bank.

Hang on, didnt that guy create the game to try and change the govenment, only to deny a change in the end, and have everything as it was?

What a load of cr*p _
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