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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
The problem is that the way how they are doing the battles do not compliment the characters at all: the recent ones arguably ridicule Masato to no end (albeit originally funny, it doesn't make Masato like a utter moron), but they are so badly animated it makes you wonder why they can't do stuff like Index/Railgun.
And so far, we are too few baseball practice, which is much more important than the battles imho.

Really, pulling battles in such fashion is just "meh". If there was actually a bit less of them but more meaningful in term of what is shown, sure. For instance, Yuiko's last for 4-6 minutes, which is basically 1/4 - 1/3 the damn episode.

Heck, I would have been fine if they just make it quick, or use the VN interface. But if they want to show one, at least they should do the work -properly-.

For instance, Kyoani reduced the number of times Sunohara was asskicked, but that was fairly enough to drive the point, and we got to see actual prowess from Tomoyo and Kyou. Here, we get a succession of badly directed, or even "clipshow" ones. (at least, they made it quick with Sasami & goons VS Rin).
I didn't like how they did the first battle. I was expecting for Masato to actually fight using the cat...

I know you can skip the battles in vn, but it was the first scene. If they had made it more interesting, non-vn readers would be more excited about the anime, like "That was fun, I wanna know what this show is about".

If they had accomplished it by the start, it would be a win-win, even wasting some more minutes.

But I liked Anego's battle, it was fun watching Masato fighting with an useless weapon.
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