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I am not sure how much I want to attribute the fault here to JC staff, but the voice acting performances of the cast are pretty poor so far. I just don't feel the same energy and excitement from the characters' interactions. It should be more fun than this IMO.

Partly this has to do with the odd flow of the scenes, but I feel that is just the difference between anime and VN pace, whereas you can read as fast as you want.

I'm trying really hard to not be biased here, it's hard to beat one's own imagination when it comes to an adaption, but the direction so far of the story is disconcerting. I'm not sure jumping into Komari's route was a good idea.

I don't suppose they were going to implement any sort of "loop" feature here, but it seems a rather odd way to progress in this story if they're going to merge all the routes (Which is what it seems like so far). Unfortunately this shows the limitation of adapting this VN in the first place, and this is ultimately going to take away impact from the punch scenes in the story.
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