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I simply can't believe they went all their way with Rin in this episode: her reaction towards Komari was so strong it almost reminded me of "that" sequence in Refrain.

Really, this episode shows how bad JC staff choice was to be done with Komari before the LB group is complete: the relationship between Komari and the other members should be barely of acquaintances/"buddies", even if you factor Komari's penchant to befriend anyone within her range.
It just makes the whole point terribly mismatched with the purpose of the loops, and the way how Rin and Riki have to grow up. At this point, both had little troubles to encourage Komari in a way or another.

What shocked me the most was Riki's absolutely cool head nearly all the time in this episode: I would expect Riki to be really in a "WTF" state, and brooding/worrying about Komari for at least half an episode, due to how dreadful Komari's situation was, and how helpless he felt.
Likewise, Rin felt as if Komari was already her definite best friend and went full on supporting Riki without much issue.

I can't find all the words that describe how baffled I'm regarding how the scripters are handling the developments of the characters: nevermind the adaptation and faithfulness issues that people were always worrying about, I'm actually annoyed by the direction of the series right now.
Suffice to say, if they could bring a new aspect of LB, as a very united kick ass group of friends, I wouldn't complain about that, but even that aspect is hardly complimented with so few interactions and "events" that make you FEEL that they have a strong solidarity.
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