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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
I also hope that the constant criticisms get toned down at least by Episode 13. For some reason, looking for a discussion amongst anime-only watchers and stumbling upon six or so episode discussions teeming with negative opinions can be quite disheartening.
I really don't get why you'd say this. If the show is good, then people will say good things about it. Right now, it's a bit more murky and leaves much to be desired.

Though Reckoner has a point with the Kyoani exceptionalism possbility. Maybe people prefer the Kyoani style over Key itself. IMO, despite all the grace people gave Kyoani, Kanon and Air had awful pacing, and Clannad was fine there... only because it was damned long. I would also say the 2nd season, while praised the most, still has rather strange priorities.

Still, considering Air was fairly nothing special til very late in the anime, a great deal of Kanon (either 2002 or 2006) was unwatchable , and Angel Beats was umm... well... not their finest hour, I think Little Busters will take a while to grow and I guess from my point of view....

Spoiler for all:
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