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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
What is actually unrealistic is how exaggerated and shoehorned Sugou was characterized so far: it is hard to take a character like that seriously due to his position and role, where the series hardly portray him in reasonable evil position.

You can have mass murderers and all to be much more disgusting than the likes of Sugou, but that does not mean he becomes magically credible. at all.
His antics were hamfisted so many times it is just a glaring poor way to force "hatred" from the audience, instead of really making the character as a real antagonist.
In a way, the presentation and actions done by Sugou are what make him hilariously bad, to the point it is beyond parody. However, real humans may be even worse than him in term of creepy/evil aspect, but that it is another story.
In response to the bolded statements: Allow me to introduce you to Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy. I'd rather not say anything more on the subject though.

To be honest, I think they may have overdone Sugou's reactions a little, but my problem was that his voice sounded like someone was stepping on a chicken.

Other then that, yay, evil guy is defeated, Asuna is free, and the ending happened pretty much exactly as I thought it would. I figured the only way Kirito would be able to handle the situation was from outside interference.
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