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You're both awfully optimistic about this sort of thing. This is all hypothetical speak so only time is going to tell which viewpoint is the correct one. At the moment we're just going to have to disagree.
To be honest, they have historical trend on their side. Man went from being land-bound to going to the moon in little more than half a century, and the pace of advancement has only increased since then. Your view that a simple VR with BMI cannot happen in 20 years or even a century runs counter to established trend, especially when neuroscience has already advanced to where we're able to communicate with comatose patients with locked-in syndrome.

And why is this such an important thing to try and achieve? Why is everyone striving to have it? Is there really any good reason for that? In the big picture it's absolutely pointless because a game can be just as enjoyable without implementing any realism at all.
Is there really any good reason not to? Just because you enjoy certain types of game hardly means that's the only right way to enjoy a game. I don't diss people who like retro games, I enjoy quite a few myself, but it's a different story when it comes to those who would disparage and rally against progress simply because it doesn't fit with their taste.
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