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Very little action

Id just like to remind everyone that there are 6 episodes left and we still havent seen any massive fights. Considering theres supposed to be a war brewing, I find this odd and annoying.

Its always the same thing. They get interupted, or theres an explosing and cut to the aftermath (arika v nina, fia), etc. There doesnt look to be any fighting in this upcoming episode so they really got 5 eps to show us a tad of fighting.

So it looks like I was right when I posted a little 'timeline' of how things would turn out. I said we'd be lucky if they started the fighting in earnest by ep20. Theyd probably start in ep 24-26. Well we are not lucky.

Wait a minute....could it be? Could I be trying to say "I told you so?" Oh my the arrogance. The audacity of me to count my eggs before their hatched. Fighting by eps 24-26. Ha! We should consider ourselves lucky if there's a slap fight.
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