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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
That reminds me, I know that Holy Right isn't complete yet, But what has Fiamma used it for? How does it deal damage? I want to know because if his power is similar to Touma's Imagine Breaker, then maybe we can guess that Touma's power-up (If any) would be along that line...
Speaking of Fianma we can assume how tremendous power his Holy right is
From what he said about Curtana=Original that this level of artifact is still not enough as vessel.
He said "It's probably exploded into pieces, a moment that I transfer my power".

"Curtana=Original" the sword of mercy is an artifact that bear the power of Michael.
It grants the power of Angel leader(Michael)rank to its owner.
The "complete dimension amputation technique system" that activated from this sword is freaking powerful.

That's make the battle against Carissa who bear "Curtana=Original" and her armies become the most epic and largest scale battle as of now.
It's begin with the Necessarius(alongside with Touma,Index, 3rd princess Vilian,kanzaki and all member of Amakusa church) vs Carissa&armies.

Then it's followed by Kaori+Knight leader+Aqua VS Carissa.
but even those three are still no match against her.

And to think that such a powerful artifact is still not be able to withstand Fianma's power.....

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