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I imagine the Empire's stance might look the government WWII, and I wouldn't be surprised if trying that Greater East Asian Sphere idea again was on their agenda. When I heard that the Empire would feature transforming vehicles, I couldn't help but grin. Transformers/Macross-esque units? Wonderful. And as their ultimate vehicle: "IT'S A GUNDAM!"

Speaking of vehicles - the circus cannon transport is hilarious and I see big physical problems with a TESLA BOAT, but that's why I love the Red Alert games so.

I'm really looking forward to playing this game. From all the screenshots I've seen so far, it's a very pretty game, so I'm hoping that my computer can run it decently. I'm glad they implemented the option to build on the water now. For the vast majority of maps, naval battle was never something you usually had to worry too much about. With a few long-range units and anti-air defenses, you could usually pick off of keep at bay enemies naval units. Things should get more interesting as greater focus is put into naval combat.

The game's still due out later this year, right?
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