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I had a silly question last night...
It was answered along something like this...

Elda: *Walks into living room* Ohhh, whachu watchin'?
Mother: The movie Piranha.
Elda: Oh I see...

*Without thinking**Knows She's seen it before*

Elda: Isn't this movie about the evil piranha?
Mother: ........I would think so, yes.
Elda: What? Why the stare?

*5 minutes pass*

Elda:*Blush*.....Ohhhhh. Eheheh.... .////.;;;

So here is a question for the sake of the thread.
.....Will scientests ever discover a way to enlarge things
like fruit and other foods? I'd die from happiness from a
jumbo strawberry cheese cake. Yummy~ <3
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