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well yea i didnt really mean like the darkness fruit with the black hole ability. that's a bit much for a character like vergo. i meant something like altering his own density to the point of having a strong gravitational pull as a side effect? just an idea, but obviously not the case in this situation at least.

The whole "altering weight" power was already taken by Ms. Valentine, though. And technically, the power you had in mind for Vergo should be feasible in Teach's case as well, since he now has both gravity AND earthquake powers. I'm also unsure about telekinesis like BDK mentioned before, since I think that sort of strikes me as something that could be achieved without the aid of a devil fruit (after all, excluding haki users, we've actually seen non-DF users who had powerful hypnotic abilities like Ms. Goldenweek (and even Jango to some extent)).

But still, just because he didn't weaken Law with his own abilities doesn't mean that Vergo isn't dangerous in his own right, as was already mentioned. The dude's a VA-level marine who ALSO doubles as a close confident of Doflamingo's. It would be flat-out insane to think that he'd be a pushover at this point.....

Originally Posted by Randrak42 View Post
I'm sorry but this cover has something many LuffyxNami supporters have dreamed about for years! (Not really but whatever)
An Oda drawn image that proves Nami is in love with Luffy.

You know, now that you brought this up, this makes me curious: I wonder how many LawxMonet doujins are going to pop up now due to the combined effect of this heart-trading business and their brief interaction before Vergo's arrival?

Lastly.... this is a bit random, but seeing as Smiley gets stronger by consuming candy, I think it would've be the most awesome thing ever if Smiley got his ultimate power-up when CC feeds him some super-sized Chick-O-Sticks. Again, I know this sounds random, but I was snacking on some last night when this thought suddenly popped in my head, and I just couldn't help but voice it!
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