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Sh*t! I can't stop grinning while reading this Sh*T!!!!!!

its awesome!!! its keeps my blood pumping when the battle starts. it also shows the heart of Shiroe's party member.

This is really an awesome chapter. I can't say that this reminds me of my old online gaming days because well, I haven't played against 2 or more raid boss the same time one after another yes. But the same time? not, yet but maybe because I haven't played that much yet but Sh9t! the spawn of their first enemy follow them and add to the ongoing hard battle.

I also feel Brotsugu's despair "Shiroe what have you done"

Sorry for asking this but has someone had the picture of the 3 raid boss? I knew there was a post before but I'm sorry to say that I'm kinda having hard time searching for it.

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