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MM! [Light Novel]

For some reason, I can't post "MM" without it changing to "Mm"...

Light novel series from MF Bunko J.
Currently 3 volumes out with volume 4 to come out soon.

Author: Akinari Matsuno
Illustrator: QP:flapper

Spoiler for covers:

I only learned of the existence of this series when it was falsely announced to have an anime adaption, but it turned out to be a nice read. Not all that special, but a nice read. Oh, and I love the illustrations.

The basic plot set-up is... let's see...:

One day in middle school, a girl came into the classroom and slapped Sado Tarou after telling him to die, the protagonist of the series. At that moment, he awakened to masochism. The fact that there were plenty of classmates still in the classroom really sucked and, of course, was outcasted after that event.
Yes, Tarou has masochistic body constitution that awaken whenever he is hit, cursed at, etc. etc. by females (only females, does not happen with men). Of course, he doesn't like this and he normally isn't a masochist, but he sadly has that side to him because of a rather... unfortunate reason...
Anyways, time-skip to high school (first year). Tarou has found a girl he likes and wants to confess to her. But he worries that if his M side awakens around her, she'll get creeped out. So he asks his friend, Tatsukichi, for help. Tatsukichi suggests the 2nd Volunteer Club.
Without going too much into detail, Tarou is forced to join the 2nd Volunteer Club after the president, Mio, decided to figure out a way to fix his body.

Without going too much into detail or spoiling too much, characters:

Spoiler for Volume 1 (first appearance):

Spoiler for Volume 2 (first appearance):

Spoiler for Volume 3 (first appearance):

Spoiler for Volume 4 (first appearance):

Spoiler for Volume 5 (first appearance):

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