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Lots of good parts in this filler episode.

Kange giving up all kinds of sexy moves on Jin, via dialog and sounds only. That was great. He lost a quart of blood on that one. But she was still fully dressed so it wasn't extreme.

Nagi fanning herself with a porno mag under her skirt obviously had dual implications. I mean she was going through all of them after all.

The "It's a Sony" gave me a good laugh. I hope they got some marketing funds for doing that. Betamax and Blueray.. it was good.

Tsugumi getting all flustered on Kange putting the moves on Jin. She needs to get some courage and do the same if she expect to win that relationship challenge.

Not bad for a filler. I still think that a goddess like Nagi should have a bit more knowledge about the world in general than she does. I keep expecting some kind of phrase to be said by her that expounds some vast ancient knowledge. Alas we don't get that. Just more bitching.
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